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April 2008Top

Table of contents and how to purchase "The Gunners: A History of the New Zealand Artillery".

May 2007Top

Pic's for
ANZAC Day 2006 in Queenstown.
ANZAC Day 2007 in Queenstown.

December 2006Top

Pic's for
Saint Barbara's Day Dinner 2004.
The Oamaru Restoration Group firing a 3-Gun salute to commemorate Armistice Day
The L5 display for Gunners Day 2006.

April 2005Top

Gunners Day 2004
Pic's from firing the 25pr
Oamaru Restoration Group
Firing the 25pr
The group's restoration of coastal defences at Cape Wanbrow

January 2005Top

History Bits
... from newsletters compiled into one page
Korean War
Citation for Peter King, made a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order for his actions on Hill 355
Citation for the Distinguished Conduct Medal won by Derek Rixon on the same day

December 2004Top

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Korean War
Christmas Cards "received" from opposing forces
Rugby highlights added to the Kayforce account
Details for acquiring the 16 Fd Regt Presidential Citation Emblem Ribbon
New Zealand Operational Service Medal added to medals for the Korean War.
More Salute to Saint Barbara
Testing the accuracy of the first myth
Traditional recipes
'Pics of the cake baked for the dinner

November 2004Top

Salute to Saint Barbara
The Ballad of Saint Barbara by G K Chesterton

August 2004Top

"Gun history"
Pics added for a brief overview of artillery development
Work behind the scenes:
Accessibility features like access keys and skip navigation links. Work on the styles to improve presentation in alternate technologies.
"Artillery this month"
..added to each page.

July 2004Top

More Ordnance:
The 17pr
Ranks ordered by date of appearance, and private soldiers including gunner and matross.
Southland Gunners - Gunners Day
Pics of firing the 25pr and the function to commemorate the closure of Southland Gunners Association. Artillery lineage in Southland 1872-1944.

June 2004Top

5 Fd Regt - Gunners Day
5 Fd Regiment Gunners celebrate Gunners Day. Pictures, and an ODT article supplemented with pics from Cassino.
Korean War
Road map through Korea added to the Korean War section.
Gun Dedication
More pics added to the Dedication on ANZAC Day.

May 2004Top

The 25pr
Development, specifications, and pics - a start on ordnance used by New Zealand Artillery.

April 2004Top

Dedication of the Gun - the ceremony, pics of who was there and the plaques

March 2004Top

The Korean War
A beginning on the five wars of the 20th Century: Korea told by those who were there. Insignia, medals, force statistics, and the full text of Syngman Rhee's presidential award. Sports, battles and maps still to come.
Captions Added
to the images shown on each page.
Medical History
The dissertation that won S a medal in medical history from Queens University, Belfast. Includes the development of the British Army and campaigns such as the Crimea. Considers things taken for granted - x-rays, amputation, anaesthetics, penicillin, and much more.
Beginning of detailed analysis of changes to force structure. Includes distinguishing signs, insignia, commanders, ordnance. Work in progress - more to come.
Artillery heritage
Amendments to existing sections, and more added.
Site Admin
Compression and caching enabled to improve speed.

December 2003Top

Lots added in the last few months:
Site move
to as-hosting. This allows dynamic generation of pages, so the site is being redesigned to allow a swag of new features.
This is still in draft and is incomplete. Includes some general and Unit history
The history of various ranks.
Movies from the old site charting the lineage of TF Units.
A start on various badges

August 2003Top

The Custom and Heritage section is finally underway! If you haven't seen it, check out the start.

July 2003Top

27 July 2003
Added Quotes, Poetry and Music
26 July 2003
Site moved to new loc. Amend your links!

June 2003Top

14 June 2003
Site over-hauled to reflect standards advancements, and the reason why explained.

May 2003Top

26 May 2003
Added the Battery's published histories