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B Battery is a volunteer field battery formed in Dunedin, New Zealand, in 1863. Dunedin is a port city, first a gateway to gold fields, then to agricultural resources. Linked by rail to the North and South, it was pivotal to the defense of the South Island.Where is Dunedin?

B Battery was the first field battery to be formed in New Zealand and retained this role until it ceased to be manned. Unlike other field battery's Permanent Forces were never needed to supplement its strength.

Like most volunteer units, B Battery never deployed operationally, but a surprising number of key military figures commenced life within its fold. An unrecorded number of other Officers, NCOs and men passed through its ranks before serving overseas in times of war.

Over time Dunedin was home to units of Garrison, Field and Medium Artillery, and to Field and Mortar Regiments. In an unusual turn of events a volunteer Battery absorbed each of these - including those manned by Permanent Forces - until the Colours were marched out in 1999.

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