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Access Keys
Text-Only or Unformatted Pages
Macromedia Flash
Specific Browser Issues
General use is the same as most web-sites:

Access KeysTop

There is no international standard for access keys, so the site conforms to the New Zealand e-Government specifications.

To Use: Press an activating key + the access key + ENTER or TAB

Press the activating key:


Internet Explorer Alt
Mozilla and Netscape: Alt
On a 'Mac:CTL
Opera:Not implemented

At the same time as:

DestinationAccess KeyIEMoz/NS
View Access Keys: 0  then Tab
Display this page: 0  then Enter
Home Page: 1  then Enter(Opens Automatically)
Site Map: 2  Enter(Opens Automatically)
Search:  3  then type your search term
Main Menu:  4  then Tab to your selection
Right Menu:  5  thenTab to your selection
Page Content:  [  then Enter(Opens Automatically)

Tabbing is to accommodate Mozilla and Netscape - otherwise they whisk you away before you choose your destination.

Text Only or Unformatted Pages Top

The site has been tested for text or voice-only rendering. Pages are designed so information flows naturally from top to bottom. The detailed right-hand menu defaults to page-bottom to avoid repetition, and the quick jumps provide a quick page summary.

If this page has nil or little formatting - no border around the text or headings or no artillery belt down the left side, you are viewing the site designed for older and alternative viewers. Force a newer page to reload in case it is a mistake.

If you are using an older browser, the lack of formatting is by design: You get the content without the newer layout that would be completely unreadable. Check out standards for the reason why.

Macromedia FlashTop

Parts of this site use a format called Flash. It protects images and allows the site to use presentation methods that older browsers can deliver. The file is compact and downloads quickly, but requires a free plug-in to run.

If you lack the plug-in you will be redirected to a place to download it when you try to run a Flash movie. This is used by millions world wide, and Macromedia have a vested interest in making the plug-in safe, but you do not have to down load it. The rule for safe surfing is: When in doubt, don't download. Apply it if unsure.

Movies will be converted to a more universal format in the future, so you can always check back later.

Specific Browser IssuesTop

The site is routinely tested in at least Internet Explorer 4,5,6, Opera 5,6, 7, Netscape 4,7, Mozilla, Firefox, Lynx, Multiweb, pwWebSpeak and is regularly viewed in Internet Explorer for the Macintosh. Checking Konqueror for Linux (which apparently simulates Camino on the Mac) is in the works.

Known issues include poor alignment and failed Quick Jumps from "On this Page" in some older browsers.Why this site supports standards explains why time and effort isn't wasted hacking these issues.

Netscape and Opera are not standard installations, so consider downloading a newer version. If your system won't support newer versions, try Firefox. It's a smaller download, free, has no advertising, and won't change your computer settings when installed. You'll be doing your bit to encourage open source software and all those people who labour to make good software available for free.