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New Zealand Artillery Southern Gunners Live Firing

New at Southern Gunners

Looking for 1 Locating Troop? Or the 2011 Royal New Zealand Artillery Association Reunion? This month: Lots of pics from the Oamaru Re-Enactors firing the 25pr at Warbirds over Wanaka, added pics of firing the L5 at Brighton on ANZAC Day. 1 Locating Troop has had major refresh - with a newsletter to come.

Recent months: Added pictures for the Queenstown ANZAC Day and Gunners Day for 2009, and of the L5 firing on Armistice Day and Gunners Day 2008.

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What's Here

Gunnery with a New Zealand twist; Battery history, New Zealand Artillery heritage, information for members and answers for those "have you ever wondered..." questions.


The site is dedicated to 31(B) Battery, a field artillery unit of the Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery. Nutshell gives a quick historical overview, and check out names if you knew it as something else.

Why another Gunner site? Your call: No others are by New Zealand Artillery Territorials, this is the most southern Gunners site in the world, and we ask if the obvious really is.

Those photo's

Yup - over there to the right - the ones that change from page to page!

The 'pics are gunners snaps of field artillery in action. They date from WWII through 1990's training in New Zealand. Mostly guns, but day-to-day life on the gun position too. A photo gallery is planned.

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